False Campaigns

Few days ago one of my friends sent me an email titled "New Presidential Candidate...Someone We know!” I was so excited to learn more about the content of this email because I knew that it will be strongly related to my "Digital Democracy" class. I typed in my instructor's name of this course "Kathy Gill”… Continue reading False Campaigns


Accuracy or Accuracy of Manipulation

We all know that the internet has reinforced services/businesses such as e-commerce and effective social interactions (Social Media). On the other hand, Digital democracy (online voting) is a double-edged sword by all means. While reading "A Nation Divided: How Technology Influences the American Political Process" (Cannon et al., 2001), I came across many important principles… Continue reading Accuracy or Accuracy of Manipulation


The World Goes Mobile

In Christensen’s “Breaking the Wire”, he clearly suggests that our ways of communication are moving toward online and wireless worlds. With no doubt, consumers now are more precise about what they want; they want to be able to communicate remotely and effectively at the same time with no constraints. Therefore, telecommunication companies have to adopt… Continue reading The World Goes Mobile


Democracy Rules the Web

In the last few years, the internet has become the most reliable medium in many fields. By using the internet, everyone mainly can socialize with each other, sending emails, buying or selling goods with limited governmental control. Satisfyingly, commoners utilize this tool to serve their needs, they explore different online communities and engage themselves in… Continue reading Democracy Rules the Web


The Web: Tool of Interactivity

The online world is a very complicated and interlaced way of communication. It is not very easy to define the online communities or even to discriminate between them. Despit the overlapping, I will try to narrow down my perspective. My first attempt, in the interactional web world, was creating a private e-mail address. I believe this method of… Continue reading The Web: Tool of Interactivity