Website Design (Skype & ooVoo)

Last week in the class, Adriana and I closely examined two VOIP services websites. For this in-depth analysis, we considered the Skype and ooVoo websites.

When I first looked at Skype’s website, I tried to go back in time to remember what exactly I said when I first engaged myself in this service. I believe it is important to immediately get all the relevant information you need to know about the website once you are there. While I was with my friend “Najla”, I asked her to visit the website and to tell me what she thinks_ she is not a Skype subscriber_ basically, she got the important info about the website, but what impressed me the most was the fact that we both got different messages on the same home page at the same time; she got a brief description about the service while I got info about new and improved rates.

Skype’s website is simple and easy to read. Their message is “we provide cheap calls internationally and free video calls”. I like the clouds and the blue color they are using; it gives the sense of traveling and being international which matches their message. Also, I liked the video demos under “Use Skype” and the technology used behind it. It is quite obvious that Skype is well branded service worldwide, but some of their services are still undiscovered by many of us; Skype has new mobile phones that call, text at low rates and take pictures like regular phones as well as call and instant message your friends on Skype for free. Also, Skype gives you a local number that connects you to your favorite overseas destination by dial it from your mobile or landline phone and save on international rates, Skype has many other features.

ooVoo Beta is launched in June 2007, is privately held and headquartered in New York City. Once you visit the website, you immediately know what this website is all about. In OOVOO site, you don’t need to scroll down or dig deep to learn about the service. Basically, it is a startup videoconferencing and instant messaging application.

ooVoo’s message is “we provide free recordable video conference”. It allows video chats with up to 6 participants to have a real-time face-to-face online conversation. Video messages can be recorded and sent to other ooVoo users or not ooVoo users by an e-mail address, ooVoo provides other features as well. I like how they place their services with visuals under “Features”; it is neat and easy to read/understand.

Since ooVoo uses VOIP system, I suggest providing mobile phones that allow video calls with one or more callers at a time. Here is the wireframe for that service:


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