Analyzing Shelley Armstrong’s Presentation

Date: Oct. 21, 2008

Time: 12:00 pm

Microsoft was so successful in launching Xbox 360 because simply they responded to the market need of gaming industry. Bill Moggridge says in his “Designing Interactions”, “All the successful designs have this in common: first they tried thinking about what people wanted and could use and what would be really valuable for them…” By all means, this product was a winner since millions of eager Xbox 360 fans lined up outside of retail stores to be the first to obtain one of the most excitedly awaited game machines in video game history. But the question here is how Microsoft managed to keep this blockbuster up?

Xbox 360 is a new model for social activity and global communication focused around digital entertainment; this significance is clearly communicated by design, advertising and packaging. It is the result of the powerful partnership between industrial design and branding. In addition, the outer look of the game machine plays a significant role; as seen, Xbox 360 is neat and sleek with an attractive and an unusual white color unlike previous gaming machines which were associated with the black color. The game design (interactivity) must harmonize with the game usability; Xbox 360 fully engages gamers in an expansive, inviting, dramatic, and lifelike experience. Moreover, it clearly achieves contents highest levels of clarity and consistency. One of the fundamental aspects of the outstanding success is considering the hierarchy of the game processing before going public; for example, building the website must be the last step after the branding and packaging processes. Packaging must be very smartly done. Also, meeting shipping deadlines worldwide is one of the bases of success.

Likewise, MUDS games (Multiple User Dungeons) have succeeded establishing series of similar games such as MMORPGs, World of Warcraft, and social virtual worlds such as Second Life. MUDS game is a multi-player computer game that contains chat rooms. Since the design of this game allows social interactivity as it adds to its usability, this game becomes a total success indeed.


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