Digital Democracy

Throughout this course, I have learned about the impact of digital media on democracy and vice versa. The influence of Digital Democracy is vast; it influences e-commerce, marketing and social media. In this class, determination of political outlines and how politics is implemented in DM were considered such as political blogs and forums/ websites, political advertising, news sites and more recently open source software news sites.

As learned, power is shifting towards the collective force that resides in DM. Also, fighting for network neutrality is a must to insure higher levels of democracy. As a non-American person, this class taught me a lot of fundamental/ important information to understand the US political system; for example, bills and laws, the power of lobbyists, interest groups, US legislature and the role of legislators to adopting new technologies.

In general, DD is not all about building political campaigns, yet it evolves political concepts and educates people about effective political tools which bring to understanding real democracy. The internet is a powerful tool in which it brings political change.


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