People of Change

Yesterday was the most exciting political experience of my life. I witnessed something different, something I’ve always longed for–change.  The United States of America has proven to the world that it is different from any other nation. I have always known the U.S. to be a multicultural country; yet I’ve also been cognizant of the fact that power has rested mainly with the white majority. Not anymore.  Today the United States is a country where the presidency is accessible by individuals of all races, cultures and beliefs.

It has reached a level of democracy that I believe no other country will attain in the near future. It is a country of people, not a country of its president; the people have elected a leader who reflects the life they desire for themselves.  To be honest, I felt a little jealous since I belong to a monarchical country, a country where you are forced to live the life of its king not the other way around. But, at least I was happy being in the U.S during this historical time and experiencing democracy for the first time.


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