“Women Are Jailed for Driving In Saudi Arabia”

Yes, what you just read is true. Women are banned to practice their simple right which is “driving” in Saudi Arabia. What a continuous outrageous situation for Saudi women! Manal Al-Shareef- 32 years of age- is the Saudi female who was jailed for driving her car in the Eastern province “Al-Khober” in Saudi Arabia. Driving… Continue reading “Women Are Jailed for Driving In Saudi Arabia”


Digital Democracy in Chile and Egypt

In the United States social media tools have impacted presidential campaigns since the Presidential Election in 2000. Philip Howard points out on his book New Media Campaigns and the Managed Citizen that after the election in 2000, exit polls showed that “a third of the electorate had used the internet to learn about the campaigns.… Continue reading Digital Democracy in Chile and Egypt


Digital Democracy

Throughout this course, I have learned about the impact of digital media on democracy and vice versa. The influence of Digital Democracy is vast; it influences e-commerce, marketing and social media. In this class, determination of political outlines and how politics is implemented in DM were considered such as political blogs and forums/ websites, political… Continue reading Digital Democracy

Discussion Leader

Information Abundance

A while ago, I noticed that many Americans don’t grasp solid information about international politics. Oddly enough, many Americans are ignorant towards local or national politics. When I first read the question “Are People Better Informed in the Information Society”, I thought that I know the answer, not really. While reading, I came across two… Continue reading Information Abundance


The Future of E-Voting

Since many online services are scoring the greatest success based on the remarkable nature of the interactivity and accessibility of the internet, political researchers, with respect to electronic voting, regard voting no differently than other online services. While reading “Voter-Centered Design: Toward a Voter Decision Support System”, I came across the notion of creating internet-based… Continue reading The Future of E-Voting